Learning Links, The Manchester Gallery

A Shango Staff in The Manchester Museum colelcted by Frank Willet in 1960

Image, A Shango Staff in The Manchester Museum collected by Frank Willet in 1960

Over the Autumn term I have had the privilege of working with Kate Barton from Neston High School on a project called `Learning Links’ funded by the Museum, Libraries and Archive Council (MLA).  This is a professional development placement to allow Museum education staff and school based teachers to spend up time in each others’ environment, sharing skills and developing new learning resources.

This is a collaborative working project to design and implement learning outside the classroom initiatives in Secondary schools. Over the Spring term we will be running trials for some new Outreach resources that we hope teachers will be able to utilise both within and without the museum for KS3 History. These will primarily be based on information sheets to accompany objects both in the new Manchester: Our City Gallery opening in April 2009, and artefacts which will make up a `Museum comes to You’ outreach box connected with the themes explored in the gallery.

These two `packs’ will be targeted at those who wish to bring their students on a pre-booked self-guided visit to The Manchester Museum, and those who would like to examine the collection within a school environment. The in-house Museum resources will focus on objects within the Manchester Gallery and the links to topics such as Slavery and Empire, both strong themes presented in the exhibition.

The Outreach resources will focus on similar issues, and will allow teachers to actively use the collection in their own lesson plans and tailor the information to highlight areas of the curriculum they are working on. Teachers will work closely with the Learning Team to tailor the session to their student’s needs prior to the school visit, and a member of the Museum Learning Team will then accompany the Outreach box to ensure safe handling and assist in facilitating the session.

If you are interested in this project, and would like to know more – or even get involved – please contact: Cat Lumb, Lead Educator, Secondary & Post-16 Humanities


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