The Popularity of the Ancient Greeks

Cover of ancient Greeks pack

Image, Cover of Ancient Greeks pack

At the risk of sounding back-slappingly self-congratulatory, we must be doing something right with the updated primary humanities programme, especially our Ancient Greeks sessions.

“Travellers and Traders” uses drama, observation, debate and critical thinking to explore how and why the Greeks travelled and what we can learn from our Mediterranean collection. “Tall Tales” starts with two rarely-seen larger pots from our collection and uses them as a stimulus for observation, drawing and story-telling (including a visit to the mammals gallery to create a ‘new Greek’ monster in the vein of the Minotaur).

An increasing number of schools are visiting to take part in a half-day visit (usually “Travellers and Traders”) or a full-day blowout combining the two sessions.

So much so that we’re already almost at capacity for the spring term 2009 (sadly, restricted availability for room and workshop leader means we’re only able to offer the sessions on Mondays and Tuesdays).

It’s great to see children engaging with history in a very active, questioning way, which combines some pretty deep thinking at points with kinaesthetic learning and the ability to make choices. It would be great to see many more school groups taking up this opportunity – mind you, they’d have to book early!


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