The Future of “Lindow Man: The Verdict” Schools Session

Since the opening of our Lindow Man: a Bog Body Mystery exhibition in April 2008 Secondary Learning have been running our connected workshop entitled `Lindow Man: The Verdict’. This has been a hugely popular session has run  almost every week of term with various schools taking part. The courtroom drama aspect of the mystery surrounding the death of Lindow Man has captured many imaginations, including the staff here at The Manchester Museum, some of whom have volunteered their time to play the part of `Head Judge’.

Sadly, Lindow Man has to leave us in April 2009. While the session is not entirely dependent on the exhibition, it does mean that we will lose the central figure of our controversial case. Because of the popularity of the session we don’t want to lose the highly informative and yet enjoyable nature surrounding the mystery surrounding this Iron Age man. We have decided to continue running the session at the Museum through the summer term, hopefully utilising Stephen Vaughn’s enigmatic photography of Lindow Moss (the crime scene) to support the workshop.

Students at a Lindow Man; The Verdict workshop

After that, who knows? We may work up the contents into a teacher’s resource pack so that the workshop can be simulated in school, or we may even offer it as an Outreach session facilitated by our subject specialists (curators) from the Museum. Watch this space to find out more!


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