Early Years CPD event

Image, Early Years groups by the spider crab in the entrance foyer

Image, Early Years groups by the spider crab in the entrance foyer

We recently held an afternoon training session for early years practioners from a variety of settings across the city. There was opportunity for exploring the museum spaces, using some of our resources for self programmed visits and to have time to think about / discuss learning opportunities in the museum with other practitioners.

After tea and coffee we had presentations from practitioners who regularly bring groups of children and parents  to the museum from Martenscroft Nursery school and children’s centre (Jan Nettleton and Lisa Taylor) and Wilbraham primary school (Jaqui Morrison and Darren Micklewright) and we would like to thank them for their invaluable contribution to the afternoon.

This sharing of practice included planning visits, ideas for activities at the museum and back in the setting, recording and documentation and very practical issues such as bringing in small groups (and how it can be done!), and getting here on foot/ by bus!

Image, Exploring the Vivarium

Image, Exploring the Vivarium

The feedback was very positive and some of the comments are included below:

Sharing practice -Learning opportunities

Understand how the sessions can break down barriers for families visiting museums and other spaces they wouldn’t normally visit.

Curriculum enhancing ideas that I can use in my sessions

Looking at the explorer sacks would encourage me to use them. Very well organized training session – enthusiasm of Elaine and Amanda for early years visits

Participating in other people’s experiences. Fabulous.

The detailed learning journey ideas were impressive.

Great opportunities to hear early year’s workers share their experiences.I feel very motivated to organise visits to the museum and galleries. The practitioners and organizers have certainly sold it to me! I visit often with my family and have organized a trip once before but would definitely look at doing regular visits in future. I will pass on all info to my colleagues.

Everybody who came on the trip said they would organise a self programmed visit or book a session so we hope to see them soon!

More training programmes will be advertised for the coming year so please check blog/ website.


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