ARTEFACT: Brand New and Exciting!

Image, The Living Cultures Gallery at The Manchester Museum

Image, The Living Cultures Gallery at The Manchester Museum

Louise and I are super excited about a workshop Jen and I are delivering in the near future for a select group of Creative Media students called ARTEFACT. It has been designed exclusively for Unit 3 in the Creative Media Diploma, which is intended to teach students how to understand the process of creating, labelling and developing artefacts over a period of time. This is ideally suited to a museum environment, what with all those fabulous objects and specimens we have residing in cases and stores across the building.

While this session has been developed for this module specifically, it has the potential to be a wide-ranging workshop which can be considered cross-curricular in nature. It will allow students the chance to explore the reasoning behind museum interpretation and the way in which various artefacts are presented and considered both in a modern and historical context.

The activities which we will be testing out involve a classificatory exercise, where students will interpret a group of museum objects in their own way: looking at material, process, purpose and form. They will also explore our galleries to investigate themes displayed, and re-interpret these based on their own ideas and understanding. Our Curator of Living Cultures, Stephen Welsh, will also be providing a fascinating behind the scenes tour of the Anthropology stores to see artefacts which are not currently on display.

Watch this space for more info soon…


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