In space, no-one can hear you … enjoy yourself

Oh come on! If you’re involved in a project around space, you only really have three choices for a title – a Star Trek reference, a Star Wars reference or an Aliens reference.

Or (I suppose) I could have restrained myself…

Anyway, Hannah and I are working on a great little science/arts project with Cedar Mount High School. Their transition co-ordinator, Asha Khalique, approached us around the concept of a transition project working with year 5s in one of their ‘feeder’ schools.

The theme is ‘Space’ and is a great four-way partnership between Cedar Mount, Old Hall Drive Primary School, The Manchester Museum and The Whitworth Art Gallery (handy that I work there as well!)

Image, Welcome to Earth!

Image, Welcome to Earth!

Hannah and I had a great morning at Cedar Mount with the year 5s last week, acting as a ‘launch pad’ (pardon the pun…) for the project. We use drama, mind-mapping and images to look at what ‘typical’ conditions are like on Earth as well as exploring more extreme environments, their animals and the adaptation needed to survive in them.

More drama led to us boarding a spacecraft and blasting off on a journey around the Solar System (accompanied by the majestic sounds of Holst’s Planets suite) and creation of some stunning (and very quick!) pictures of what they’d seen using chalk on black paper.

We’ll be back at the school in late April (in the meantime, Asha will be working with the children on a range of space and life process-related activities). Then in May, the children will visit the Museum for a day to create animals for an alien planet, followed by a day at The Whitworth Art Gallery creating their creatures’ habitats.

5…4…3…2…1…blast off!

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