Research and Learning in The Manchester Museum

Image, Watch 'report' from journal 'Museum of Me' project

Image, Watch 'report' from journal 'Museum of Me' project

On Monday April 30th, Irit Narkiss (The Museum’s Conservator, Objects and Access) and I joined a group of 50 participants to deliver a paper discussing why objects in museums should be made more accessible to primary children.

Held at University College London’s Institute of Archaeology, conservators from around the country listened to our case study that argued for the better sharing of the ‘real’ conservation work done in museums. Working in partnership (Learning and Conservation teams) we showed how primary children can gain valuable insights into the working processes of a museum, which can then be used to effectively develop historical skills.

Using material collected in journals from the children involved in ‘The Museum of Me’ project we argued the case for more conservators to take on board their critical role in making objects more accessible. The work at the seminars will be used to develop further research by the Science and Heritage Programme.


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