The News is in on Lindow Man!

Image, Some of the work from Breeze Hill pupils

Image, Work from Breeze Hill pupils

Back in February I received a lovely letter from Pat Percuich, Assistant Head of Breeze Hill High School. Pat brought two groups of Yr7 students to take part in our Lindow Man: The Verdict school session earlier in the year to improve their discursive and persuasive writing talents. It also appears to have infused their imagination as Pat sent me some examples of the magazine articles which resulted from the workshop here at the museum.

These were wonderfully presented with many aspects of the Lindow Man: The Verdict session carefully revealed in several reports on the mysterious crime in a number of fictional newspapers. I could not resist showing these well-written pieces to our Head of Human Cultures, Bryan Sitch, who writes our Lindow Man blog, and he was delighted by the effort and detail that was put into them: so much so he has dedicated an entry to them!

I want to thank Pat and her wonderful cohort of students who took part in the workshop. It’s great to see the fun we had in the courtroom drama translated onto paper.


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