Jaguar is a great Educator!

Image, The jaguar visiting St Augustines Primary, Monsall

Image, The jaguar visiting St Augustines Primary, Monsall

Pupils from St Augustine’s Primary School in Monsall and Armitage Primary School in Ardwick have been introduced to the Museum’s jaguar as part of the development of the new Environmental Education Outreach session. The jaguar, with it’s very big teeth and claws, received an initially tentative response from the children but by the end of the session he was a roaring success.

In our Amazon session we take out a range of objects from the Amazon rainforest including a parakeet, jewel beetles, butterflies and Brazilian Indian fishing arrows. We will be developing the Environmental Education aspect of the session around deforestation and extinction and the jaguar is proving a great educator.

The jaguar is the largest of the New World Cats; it’s name means, “a beast that kills its prey with a single bound”. It is virtually extinct in the northern part of its original range and survives in reduced numbers only in remote areas of Central and South America; the largest known population exists in the Amazon rainforest.

Everyone can make changes in their lives that can have an impact on a rainforest thousands of miles away.
What can you do?

Plant a tree Plant a tree (or several) in your yard, at your school, in a community park … anywhere.
Go paperless: Save a tree by cutting back on the paper you use each day.
Buy recycled: Purchase paper and paper products made from recycled paper content.
Look for Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification on wood and wood products: The FSC certifies wood and wood products that come from sustainable forests.

Find out more on the web: Visit the Forest Stewardship Council or the Rainforest Foundation

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