No – it’s not a Myth! It really is back!

No doubt you have all heard about the opening of our brand new Manchester Gallery! Back in October the old living cultures display was closed for the installation of this original display which has the Maharajah as a central focus point. This also meant that we had to temporarily suspend our workshop called ‘Myth, Media and Modern Times’ that utilised these galleries.

Image, A close up of the nee Manchester Gallery

Image, A close up of the new Manchester Gallery

However, now that the galleries are back and we have the new material in the Manchester Gallery to work with, the ‘Myth, Media and Modern Times’ session is now being offered again. We’ve also adapted the workshop to include the Manchester Gallery, so students can investigate the new additions on display and link them to the topics they are studying.

Image, One of the cases in the new Manchester Gallery

For those who need reminding ‘Myth Media & Modern Times’ is an innovative and involving session highlighting a time when Africans were considered “savages” and in need of cultural enlightenment. It provides a unique opportunity for students to explore and identify the myths about African culture that provided justification for colonialism and perpetuated ideas of racism.

During the two-hour session students will:
• Select a range of features which describe a society as ‘civilised’
• Identify and handle a variety of objects from different African cultures
• Record and communicate a range of arguments that dispel historical myths around colonialism
• Discuss how interpretation can be influenced by presentation

To find out more, or to book one of our limited offer FREE workshops, contact me on email or 0161 3061765


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