I believe I can fly…

I’m very lucky that I’m getting to work with my colleague Hannah on not one but two arts/science projects this term.

Medlock Primary School and Creative Partnerships have linked up with us for a project on Flight. Hannah and I have had a great time planning a day’s fun at the Museum with artists Daksha, Fran and Sarah.

During the day, the year 4 children will be using drama, games and group discussion to explore why beaks are different shapes and how birds have adapted to different food sources. They will be using examples of birds in our Discovery Centre and in our Birds Gallery to explore skeletons and wing shapes in detail.

They will also get to handle real feathers and wings to explore their different textures and shapes before creating their own arty wing. As if all that wasn’t enough Hannah will be playing the ‘yes/no’ game with the children to help them begin finding ways to classify birds with branching databases.

The day will feed into a big art/science project back in the school the following week – and then the children will be experts, bringing other pupils from the school back into the Museum and explaining what they’ve learnt.

Should be a lot of fun!

Image, birds in Manchester Musems Birds gallery

Image, The Manchester Museum's Birds gallery

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