Keeping in touch and up to date with The Manchester Museum

There are lots of ways you can keep in touch with the different activities of The Manchester Museum.

Firstly, you can become a regular visitor to our main website, where we have information on visiting, exhibitions and events programming.  We also flag up new developments on the galleries as well as providing our collections online for you to look through.

You can also sign up to our eNewsletter for events; adult, family or schools.

In the world of social networking, you can find the Museum on Facebook and Twitter.

The learning blog is one of a number overseen by different museum staff.  On this page on our main website, you can follow all of them in one place, or you can choose to follow the particular blog that interests you the most.

We can be found on Flickr, where there are a number of great images of and from the collection.  If you have images of The Manchester Museum, why not join our Flickr group, and share them with the world.

On YouTube you can find lots of our ‘Collective Conversations’ with our local communities and schools, sharing their stories and experiences about the objects within out collection.

The Museum is always looking for ways to use the web to raise awareness and to encourage people to share their experiences, images and films about the Museum.  If you have anything you would like to share/discuss/recommend, please either comment below or use one of the links above.


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