Beam us up, Dotty.

The Manchester Museum Mineralogy Gallery

Image, The Manchester Museum Mineralogy Gallery with the Solar System

There is no beginning no end to my wit in these titles, is there?

Last week, Hannah and I made our second visit into Cedar Mount High School where we again met with Year 5s from Old Hall Drive  primary school.

Last time, we discovered extreme environments on Earth and began our journey of space exploration, using drama to take us on a trip around the solar system.

This time, we extended our trip by visiting (in different groups) some of the planets in our solar system, taking some readouts of gravity, temperature, distance from the sun and key features of the planet. After that, it was time to board the Intergalactic Explorer and head out to planets new.

Image, Intergalactic Explorer

Each group was able to control some of the variables, such as type of atmosphere, size of sun and distance from it, as well as what the planet was made of and what its surface features were. The explorers then used some very clever maths to find out how warm their planet would be.

Still to come are visits to the Manchester Museum and the Whitworth Art Gallery. At the Museum, Hannah will be working with the explorers to design the skeleton and outside of a creature that could live on their planets, whilst at the Whitworth we will be creating habitats for these creatures.


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