Museums and glitz!

Image, Some of the Lindow Man marketing

Image, Some of the Lindow Man marketing

On Wednesday13th May I was joined by my Manchester Museum colleagues Corinne and Ros from our Marketing Team at the National Museums and Heritage Awards Ceremony in London.  Held just next to Westminster Abbey it was an evening of the sequins, black ties and good humour!  We were up for two separate awards: for ‘Marketing’ and the ‘Education Initiative’, both for work we had done for the exhibition ‘Lindow Man – A Bog Body Mystery’.  Although we didn’t win we were proud to be on the shortlist and enjoyed the buzz of being on the same table as one of the winners!

It was a chance for all of us to chat to colleagues in the sector and see the amazing work being done in museums and heritage all over the country. As we all piled into the taxi back to the hotel we agreed that there was always next years awards to pitch for…

Cat, Lauren and Neil were not able to come and we really missed you, as it was such a great joint effort! Thanks too to all the children, students, teachers and parents who participated in the education projects – our evening at the awards would not have been possible without your great energy, enthusiasm and creativity.


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