Countdown to Controversy

Image, Visual representation of 60min workshop

Image, Visual representation of 60min workshop

Our current obsession with mind-mapping is continuing as Louise and I plan our 60 minute workshop for the International Learning Conference in July 2009.

We decided to visually represent the time we have to engage our audience with the topic in order to get a better idea of our approach. The result was spectacularly colourful (coded according to our specialised key) and makes perfect sense – to us at least!

The activities for participants that we finally decided upon (and there were numerous options!) include designing a gallery space to incorporate human remains and classifying direct examples of visitor responses to the way we display human remains at The Manchester Museum. We also plan to encourage discussion about how other topics can be explored using similar methods, and how teachers can utilise the material museums have readily available in the public domain to enhance their student’s discussion on controversial themes.

Louise and I are really excited about engaging teachers in the possibilities surrounding the use of museums as learning resources, and the Learning Conference seems like an excellent opportunity to gather and discuss experiences from classrooms across the globe.

4 weeks to go…


One thought on “Countdown to Controversy

  1. Great post. I hope you’ll have a great conference

    Have you tried to use some mind mapping software? It is really simple and exciting.

    There are many on the market. I recommend Seavus DropMind, which includes desktop and web application.

    Create meaningful maps and have fun at the same time.

    Have a great day,

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