16th Learning Conference in Barcelona

Image, Cat just before we delivered our session

Image, Cat just before we delivered our session

As I write this (Friday July 3rd) Cat and I are in Barcelona, a beautiful city even in the extreme heat, for the Learning Conference.  We gave our presentation yesterday to a group of learning professionals and it appears to have been well received.  Our careful palnning and extensive mind mapping came to fruition as we were able to cover everything we wanted, as well as having time for questions and a diversion to talk about The Manchester Hermit.

Image, Group 1's spatial gallery design exercise

Image, Group 1's spatial gallery design exercise

There is a lot going on in this conference, with 9am Plenaries from invited speakers and 30 min talks or 60 min workshops, like ours, going on until about 8pm every night,  its probably just as well nothing opens for dinner here until 9pm.  Its been great to meet and converse with learning professionals from schools, colleges, Universities, science centres and from anywhere else learning takes place.  Its also good to be out of the extreme power of the Barcelona sun in the middle of the day, on Monday night it was 32 degrees at 830pm, goodness knows how hot it was at midday.

Image, Group 2's spatial gallery design exercise

Image, Group 2's spatial gallery design exercise

I’d just like to thank those who attended our presentation, their input and enthusiasm made our job a lot easier and great fun to be part of.  Here are some images of some of the activities we did with the group and in the next week or so, I’ll blog about all the Museums and Galleries we have been fortunate to visit whilst on this trip.

Image, Group 3's spatial gallery design exercise

Image, Group 3's spatial gallery design exercise


2 thoughts on “16th Learning Conference in Barcelona

  1. I loved facilitating this session – as those who attended were all so enthusiastic and interested in the work that we do here at The Museum. It was such a great experience I wanted to do the presentation all over again the day after!
    Barcelona is a gorgeous place – and the many museums that Lou and I visited inspired me to think of new approaches and provided new ideas for future work. It will definately be a place I’ll go back to!

  2. Hola Louise and Cat!!
    I’m finally back home in Canada after touring Spain with hubby for an additional 2 weeks once the conference wrapped up. I had a minute to log onto your website and read up on the Barcelona conference, your exhibits and your famous hermit.
    I do want to thank you again for your fabulous session at this year’s Common Ground conference. It was definitely one of the better planned, engaging and interesting sessions that I attended. More importantly, I walked away with some really innovative ideas to use with my students in the classroom. It is a shame that an ocean separates us because I would love to do a fieldtrip at your museum with a class. I’d easily do a trade – you come to our Glenbow Museum here in Calgary and I’ll come visit you. It was great meeting you both – again, your energy, enthusiasm and passion for your work was inspiring – you both deserve a raise!!
    Cheers ladies!!
    Kate Blackburn

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