End of year MAGPIE Performance

Image, Some of the journals used in the project

Image, Some of the journals used in the project

Although the sun seems to be hiding the summer holidays are here and I have been thinking about plans for the arts activity in the Museum’s primary programme next year. We have begun to work with more arts practitioners and are extremely lucky to have a huge pool of talent in Manchester including arts students down the road at MMU.

I am hoping next year that I can begin to work more closely with them on projects for primary schools. I have also been keen to encourage children, teachers (and all our staff!) to work in a more creative way recording ideas in journals, taking photographs and slowing down for a few minutes to think about their feelings and responses.

Image, Some of the pupils work

Image, Some of the pupils work

Arts based activity work this year culminated in a dazzling joint arts performance at The Museum by Birchfields Primary, St Wilbraham Primary, St Edwards RC Primary together with Levenshulme High School. Many thanks to all involved.

We all felt excited and in my own case emotional! The singing, movement, dance and drama pieces of ‘The Journey of the Lost Arts’ were utterly inspirational and gave both visitors and staff a fresh and dynamic insight into our collections. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the new curriculum will encourage more teachers to work with us in this way. So I’m picking up my own sketchbook now, and looking forward to a creative autumn….


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