Leaving the Museum

Image, Susan as seen on the Childrens University of Manchester

Image, Susan as seen on the Children's University of Manchester website

After 15 years I am leaving the Museum at the end of August. During that 15 years the Museum has undergone many changes to the building and the learning provision. There is one thing that hasn’t altered and that is the unique experience visitors have of objects and specimens from the natural world and different cultures.

Over the years the way these objects have been used with schools has changed.  Sessions now rely much more on the childrens input, interpretation and experiences to help them make sense of the past and understand the workings of the natural world. Their excitement and wonder as they experience seeing a polar bear or an Egyptian statue is what has kept working here fulfilling for me for so many years.

I will greatly miss all my colleagues across the Museum whom I have enjoyed working with.  I will also miss the Museum itself, it has been a privilege to be able to walk through this beautiful building every day and enjoy the collection.

I look forward to returning in the future to see the new exhibitions and developments in learning that I know will be every bit as exciting as the ones I have experienced.

Just a quick note from Louise – it is very sad that we have to say goodbye to Susan, our dear friend and colleague, she will be deeply missed, her passion and commitment are second to none.  We wish her all the best.

We are also very pleased to let everyone know that Menaka is our new Curator of Learning (Primary) who will carry forward the hard work in the primary science that Susan has started with Hannah, our Lead Educator (Primary Science).  Menaka is already our educational resources developer and we are delighted that she will now be with the team full time.    Menaka will no doubt have lots of exciting things to talk about in future blog posts, so watch this space!!


2 thoughts on “Leaving the Museum

  1. Ill miss you too Susan. You’ve been an amazing and respected colleague and friend to all of us. I will come and visit you in Scotland!

  2. Susan has been a key member of the learning team, and on the few occasions I have worked on workshops with her (Primary Science and Secondary Humanities haven’t mixed directly all that often!) it has been wonderful! She’s a real inspiration and glorious to work with! Will miss her immensely!
    I suggest Learning Team Away days should head to Scotland in future! ;o)

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