A few changes…

Come September, there will be a few changes to the humanities and arts Discovery Sessions at Key Stage 2. Nothing major, more of a refresh.

The erstwhile Archaeology session will be having a new coat of paint and returning as TSI: Time Scene Investigation, emphasising the collection of clues, the use of enquiry skills and critical thinking. Don’t worry, the sand dig (our ‘time scene’) will still be an important part of the session – we’ll be thinking a bit more about sorting and classifying, both in the pre-visit ‘archaeology is rubbish!’ activity and with the finds from the sand dig.

Image, the time scene

Image, the time scene

Travellers and Traders, our popular Ancient Greek session, will continue, but with a greater emphasis on langauge to support persuasive writing and a continuing development of the ‘conference’ segment.

Image, ancient Greek bronze mirror

Image, ancient Greek bronze mirror

Tall Tales will be metamorphising into a full day workshop. Using the pots which are normally hidden from view in the stores will continue, as will the drama, character creation and ‘monster’ elements, but with more time and some new elements, the workshop will give greater support to myth creation.

The knock-on effects mean that Tall Tales will be available on certain days only, and that schools will no longer be able to combine Travellers and Traders and  Tall Tales into one day. Talking to teachers and our own internal evaluation suggests that this combination became rushed due to time pressures on schools and we always aim to give the highest quality learning  experience.

For schools who take part in Travellers and Traders and wish to extend their experience, there will be new resources available from September to support self-guided work. We’ll be working with teachers to evaluate and improve these resources during the year and any input from visiting teachers will be welcome.

Oh, and one final change. I’m getting married at the end of the month. I shall be returning to the Museum in September as Neil Dymond-Green.

All change!


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