Autumn Term in Secondary and Post-16

Its been a busy Summer for the team in Secondary and Post-16.  We have been planning our learning activities that will form part of the Darwin Extravaganza, and I have to say, I’m very excitied about the things we will be able to offer to schools.

But even more excitingly, we have a new member of staff.  Over the summer we recruited for a Lead Educator (Secondary and Post Sciences) and appointed Alexa Jeanes to the position.  Alexa started in early August and has been getting up to speed with the programme, not a huge hurdle as she demonstrated on our laboratory programming whilst doing her PhD, and getting to know the rest of the wider museum team.  Alexa will be working 3 days per week on our Real World Science programme, which is supported by DCMS/DCSF and is in partnership with the Natural History Museum, London, Oxford University Museum of Natural History and Tyne and Wear Museums.

Keep an eye on our KS3 & KS4 pages for science and arts and humanities, as well as the post-16 page, because we will be advertising all our newly developed Darwin sessions, as well as our usual popular sessions such as Citizen of the City and Forensic Science.  You can also sign up to our mailing list for schools and colleges which will let you know about our new programming first, or you can send your details to me via email by clicking here and I will add you to our mailing list.

Image, Frogs from The Manchester Museums Vivarium

Image, Come and meet frogs from The Manchester Museum's Vivarium on our A Level Study Day

One programme I will flag up now, is our newest A Level Engage with the Experts offer called ‘Frogs and Physics’ which is being run in partnership with the Photon Science Institute.

Students will get to meet Andrew Gray, our Curator of Herpetology, see Andrew’s blog here, and Mark Dickinson from the Institute.  Following a morning of talks from both Andrew and Mark, students will get to try their hand at high tec analytical equipment in a university laboratory and find out how to take measurements from live frogs!  Its a really unique opportunity to find out about conservation in action and the real world appliance of science.

I hope that you will find something of interest for your students and the whole team look forward to welcoming you and your students this new academic year.

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