Rockin’ & Rolling with Rocks

Image, Hannah with the Rock Cycle Game

Image, Hannah with the Rock Cycle Game

On 22nd July, Louise and I visited the North Manchester High School for Girls with a combination of resources from both the museum’s ‘Rocks Revealed’ session and the ‘Rocks Outreach’ session. After spending some time looking at some nice big specimens from the museum’s collections, we investigated ‘The Rock Cycle’ using movement and dance!

Using their experience of ‘being a rock’ and the changes that take place through the rock cycle, we played a couple of rounds of ‘The Rock Cycle Game’ to find out more about the different processes that may change rocks. As we played the game, Louise made a note of their route around the rock cycle, and before lunch, we set the group an extra challenge; to devise their own dramatic representations of part of their own route around the rock cycle. The morning ended with the groups performing their very creative interpretations of the rock cycle, on stage!

After lunch the we carried out a series of investigations and tests to determine the properties of some rocks. Using their findings, each member of the group completed their own ‘Rock Trump’ card. We finished the day with a highly competitive and rather amusing ‘Rock Trumps-Off’ in the hall; splitting the group in two and playing consecutive group members off against each other. This worked really well and I recommend it to any of the schools who have got a set of rock-trumps cards (available through our Rocks Outreach session).

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