Language Teaching Outside the Classroom

Two weeks ago the Museum became a launch pad for 120 PGCE primary students from the University of Manchester to develop new ideas at the very beginning of their course. The students were asked to explore the possibilities for language teaching in an ‘out of classroom’ setting and the feedback we received included a note from one of the tutors who also currently teaches as a KS2 teacher in Trafford. We are looking forward to more ideas such as these and will be expanding our ITT role, so that more students can develop similar ideas that are inspirational and original…

Image.... and then theres Stan...

Image, 'and then enters the T-Rex…..'

Sarah wrote:
‘In the Pre-historic life gallery, I liked the scenery where the big tree root is, and the ocean life opposite – you could, again, split the class and get them to bring the scene to life – performing to the opposite group, taking them on a visualization / journey – think as a group about the sounds, smells, sights etc – some children could make the various sounds (layering over each other to create a soundscape), others could be acting as ‘tour guides’, pointing out the sights. Introduce an element of drama eg. by the tree root, there’s something in the distance, did you hear that? Did you feel the ground shaking? Look, the leaves are trembling, the birds are swooping overhead…and then enters the T-Rex…..’

Thanks Sarah and we look forward to seeing you and your students in the future!


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