Darwin Preview Evening

Image, A teacher exploring our new tempory exhibition 'Charles Darwin: evolution of a scientist'

Image, A teacher exploring our new temporary exhibition 'Charles Darwin: evolution of a scientist'

On the evening of Oct 21st, we welcomed teachers and tutors from local schools and colleges to a special preview evening of our new exhibition ‘Charles Darwin: evolution of a scientist’.

We arranged for those attending to have the chance to take part in a special tour of the exhibition by Henry McGhie, Head of the Natural Environments Team and Curator of Zoology, as well as trying out our new worksheets for secondary groups, finding out more about the Darwin Outreach materials for primary groups, exploring the new primary explorer backpacks and practicing being a Clippy Island clip bird!

I do hope that everyone who was able to attend enjoyed it as much as we did, it is great meeting teachers and tutors without the added pressure of 30 sets of beady student eyes watching your every move.  The tours with Henry were attended by everyone who came, so thanks to Henry for being so engaging and enthusiastic.  Vicky, Pippa and Menaka highlighted the new outreach boxes for primary groups, letting teachers see  and handle the variety of objects, and talking about how these work in the classroom.  We were also joined by colleagues from Widening Participation who were there to showcase the opportunities students have within the wider University.

Cat, Pete and I welcomed teachers to The Museum and Alexa rounded up recruits to try her new worksheets, which you can see in action in the accompanying image.

Our new Darwin Page of the website is now up and running, where you can find out more about the exhibition, public events and our associated learning programme, and we will be releasing details of future CPD opportunities in the near future, so watch this space!

One thought on “Darwin Preview Evening

  1. Hi , just wanted to leave a comment to highlight how useful the teachers preview of the Darwin exhibition was last Wednesday evening. This was my first time at a teachers preview and I was made to feel very welcome. The exhibition was brilliant and the guy (edit – thats Henry McGhie) who did the tour of the exhibition was very informative and really brought the exhibition to life. I am really interested in Darwins work as a scientist and to see the different species and one of the first editions of Origins of Species was really exciting for me and I could definitely see opportunities for my pupils at school to relate what they are learning in the classroom about Darwin to this exhibition. My year 11 pupils are studying B3 at the minute in the 21st century science syllabus as part of their Core GCSE course and there is a lot of work on Darwin and his voyage in the Beagle covered here so I decided straight away that this would be perfect for them and have managed to book a trip for them including the self guided tour of the exhibition using the worksheets and also including the fabulous workshop Clippy island when the pupils get the opportunity to experience Darwins experiment with the finches and beak size.

    The teachers previews are well worth going to and hopefully I will get the opportunity to go to many more. It was really useful being able to view the exhibition and gage whether it was suitable for my year 11 pupils ability and also the staff were really helpful and gave me lots of good ideas to take back to the classroom. Also I found the archive collection walletts a really good resource and am hoping to book a workshop for some pupils to go and get hands on with some of the archives! Also another perk is the free glass of wine you get at the preview!

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