Myth Makers and Tall Tales!

Sometimes we get the sort of feedback from teachers that we just have to boast about and share.

This was a recent comment from a teacher whose year 3 class had taken part in our half-day Tall Tales session:

“The experience so fired the children’s imaginations that half a day was too short. It was like opening a limitless treasure box.”

Very gratifying (and I’ll try not to have a smug grin!), but this also points to why we’ve made a change to our Tall Tales session for this year. The session now runs for a full day (Mondays only) to allow time for children to collect and develop their ideas for a new myth.

The session already included observational drawing of ancient Greek pots, drama and visiting parts of the Museum to discover what their character is hunting on their quest and the monsters they may encounter en route.

It  now also includes handling objects and elements of Talk for Writing to support children in beginning to craft their stories.

It’s a lovely session which links elements of the History curriculum and Literacy framework tightly – and I look forward to seeing many more schools joining us for this amazing experience of “opening a limitless treasure box”.

Contact our bookings administrator, Nora, to book a session.

Image, Odysseus and sirens

Image, Odysseus and sirens - The Manchester Museum helps children create their own myths with heroes and monsters

to book a session.

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