How The Museum Works…

Here in the Secondary and Post-16 Team we have been receiving a number of interesting and exciting enquries.

We were recently contacted by Whalley Range High School for Girls who are working on a project where they have to design their own Museum and find out about all the different roles and jobs that are needed to make this happen.  Luckily Cat has spent a lot of the last term and a half working on sessions related to Travel and Tourism, and we had previously worked with a wide number of Museum staff on similar days, so we were able to pull together something that would fufil the needs of the students.

Image, The Herbarium during one of our Harry Potter days

We invited the school in and arranged for them to spend two hours here at The Manchester Museum.  We split them into two and the first group went with Cat to meet and quiz various members of staff and the other group came with me and a member of the Visitor Services Team who took them on a short tour of The Museum.  We also arranged for the touring group to meet Leander, our Curator of Botany (who also has a blog by the way), and visit his collection area behind the scenes.  The Herbarium is a great place to take visitors, the students loved it and it is one of the many magical places within The Museum.

We hope that the students left with a greater understanding of the many roles that are carried out in the Museum and with all the information they need to complete their projects. 

Thanks for getting in touch!


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