Darwin’s Beagle Voyage – Outreach Workshop

Image, Vicky at our recent Darwin Educator Preview Evening

Hello all, this term has seen the launch of our new primary outreach session, ‘Darwin’s Beagle Voyage’. The interactive museum staff led session has been developed as part of The Manchester Museum’s celebration of our Darwin Extravaganza.

The 90 minute cross curricular session involves a variety of activities including specimen observation and analysis, group discussion and visualisation.  Pupils have the opportunity to develop thinking and key skills.

The session provides pupils with an introduction to Darwin, and focuses on his HMS Beagle Voyage of the world.  Pupils have the chance to see specimens (from the Museum’s collection) of some of the animals Darwin may have seen on his voyage.

They have the opportunity to observe and explore animals from a variety of habitats and to develop ideas of how they are adapted to their environment.

The session is linked to key areas of the National Curriculum particularly Science, Geography and History and provides pupils with a unique insight into aspects of the Museum’s collection. The sessions are targeted for Key Stage 2 pupils.

We have enjoyed taking this out to schools!  Pupils have relished the opportunity to get up close to animals they might never have seen before such as the Kiwi and the Platypus!

One teacher commented:
“The session really engaged the curious minds of our pupils.  Great session with friendly and engaging presenters.  Thank you.”

We will be taking the session out to 4 more schools before Christmas.


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