Visit from The Edina Trust

Recently, we were delighted to welcome two representatives from one of the organisations that fund our work. The Edina Trust is a charity originally set up by Sir Edwin Southern, a molecular biologist with an interest in the teaching and learning of science.

Image, Charles Darwin:evolution of a scientist exhibition. Photography Steve Devine, Illustrations Chrissie Morgan

It isn’t often that funders take such a hands-on interest so it was a great opportunity to show how the money is being spent.

Emma Wilmore and Tanya Gujral arrived at mid-day for an afternoon at the Museum with Head of Development, Stephen Walsh.

After an introductory chat with Louise (Curator of Learning, Secondary & Post-16, who was in the middle of Frog Day) they met Nick (the Director) and then went on a tour of Charles Darwin: Evolution of a Scientist with Head of Natural Environments, Henry McGhie. Henry also took Emma and Tanya to see our new(ish) Nature Discovery gallery for young children and families and talked to them about our exciting plans to refurbish the mammals gallery.

The visitors went on to the Museum’s ‘life lab’, where pupils gain hands-on experience of real science demonstrated by PhD students from the University’s Faculty of Life Sciences, before concluding their tour in another of our Darwin delights: In Darwin’s Footsteps – a photographic exhibition by Ben Hall inspired by the great scientist’s voyage on HMS Beagle.

Image, Charles Darwin: evolution of a scientist exhibition. Photography Steve Devine, Illustrations Chrissie Morgan

So were Emma and Tanya happy with what they saw? Well, after they returned to Oxford we received the following e-mail from Tanya:

“I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for showing Emma and me around Manchester Museum on Tuesday; we were so impressed by the Darwin exhibition and the success of the schools’ programme so far.”

Our thanks to Emma and Tanya for taking the time out of their busy schedules to visit us at the Museum, and to The Edina Trust for its very generous support in helping to make the Darwin Festival’s learning programme possible.


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