Clippy Island Workshop and tour around the museum for Our Lady’s RC College

Here is a guest post from a recent visiting teacher, Rebecca Jordan from Our Lady’s RC College

“I visited the museum on Friday 11th December with a rather boisterous group of year 11 pupils from Our Lady’s in Blackley, I’m sure the museum staff will remember us! The staff were fantastic with the pupils and answered many questions the pupils had as they went on their tour around the museum. The purpose of the visit was for the pupils to understand the life and work of Charles Darwin in more detail and they could then relate this to their scheme of work in Science. The morning consisted of the pupils exploring the Charles Darwin: evolution of a scientist exhibition which was brilliant and they were awstruck at the turtle and the numerous collections of species on show! They took lots of pictures and gathered lots of information for us to make a display back in the science department at school.

Image, Charles Darwin:evolution of a scientist exhibition. Photgraphy Steve Devine, Illustrations Chrissie Morgan

In the afternoon the pupils took part in a brilliant workshop called Clippy Island, this was perfect for these pupils as they could get involved and really enjoyed the practical work, something we wouldn’t have the space to do at school. Alexa was a brilliant teacher even with these most challenging students who struggle to be quiet at the best of times! The pupils all thoroughly enjoyed the day!”


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