We can always learn from others…

When the Museum was closed recently due to the wonderful (?) Arctic weather, I had the chance to do some catching up on my snoopy nosing research into what other museums are up to, especially in their learning offers.

Two places that came to light where interesting things are happening were:

Langley Museum School (Berkshire)

This school has modelled aspects of its set-up and curriculum on the New York Museum School which has long-established links with New York museums and a curriculum which embraces the many advantages and possibilities of museum learning.

The BBC news article on the place makes enlightening reading, as does this pdf exploring Museum Learning at the Academy.

Update: another interesting article on Langley Academy by the Guardian here

Image, Langley Academy

On the other hand, sometimes you can learn how not to work in a Museum…

Framley Museum’s website.

Image, Framley Museum's website

In case you haven’t guessed, this is a spoof website, but there are some very entertaining parts…

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