Follow a Museum Day

Image, The Follow a Museum website

Today, Monday 1st February 2010, is the first ever Follow A Museum day.

So what is it all about and how did this come about?

In response to Bill Gates joining Twitter and gaining hundreds of thousands of followers within a 24hr period Jim Richardson of Museum Marketing came up with the idea to increase followers and awareness of Museum Twitter streams.

I’ve copied this from the Follow A Museum website;

‘Over one million people are following museums on Twitter.

What if each of these people told a friend about a museum that they enjoy following?

What if someone who hasn’t visited a museum for years was inspired to engage with art by Twitter?

What if more people used Twitter to tell museums what they think about their exhibitions?

Follow a museum day
On February 1st 2010 we want you to spread the word about museums on Twitter. ‘

Just tell your followers about a museum you follow, or point them to our directory of museums on Twitter so that they can pick one for themselves.’

If you are already familiar with Twitter, and are signed up, all you need to do today is either flag up a Museum Twitter Stream that you follow, or the main website, and use the hashtag #followamuseum. Using the Hashtag will allow other Twitter users to find all these Museum related tweets and, if it becomes heavily used throughtout the day, may create a trending topic raising further awareness with all Twitter users.

It will be really interesting to see if followers to Museums increase and if this will be coupled with increased two way engagement, with Twitter users telling Museums what they think or about their recent experiences in certain venues.

I’ll be keeping my eye on the Museum Marketing blog and Tweeting some of my favourite Museum Twitter Streams, you can follow me @lsutherland and you can of course follow our Museum Twitter feed, overseen by Steve Devine, @McrMuseum. But most importantly, I’ll be trying to remember to use the hashtag #followamuseum


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