Dragons at the Museum?

On the 14th January Tameside College brought in some of their Travel and Tourism students in order to trial our final workshop designed to support the modules for their course. This was the ‘Dragon’s Den’ activity that I was most excited about, and for very good reason.

Image of the Museum; Tameside College students had some great ideas to help improve our service provision at the Museum

The Level 2 and 3 students spent all day at the Museum, being briefed in the morning about the Museum’s mission and visitor base in addition to being set their task for the afternoon: They were asked to discuss improvements to our Customer Service provision based on the information they had been given and could collect from their time spent in the galleries.

After lunch, they worked on their ideas and came up with some amazing suggestions that would impress the panel of Museum staff who would be judging their contributions.

Our Dragons members of staff were:

  • Shaun Bennett: Visitor Services Supervisor
  • Tim Manley: Head of Audience Development
  • Michael Whitworth: Head of Commercial Operations
  • Nigel Thompson: Assistant Director

They listened carefully to the suggestions made by each team and were overwhelmingly impressed by their ideas and depth of detail:

“What really impressed me was how, in only a few hours, the groups came up with practical realistic ideas! Some we are already working on – AND others we hadn’t thought of, but will be evaluating in the near future. A very stimulating experience for all who participated”.

Nigel Thompson, Assistant Director, The Manchester Museum

The students also appeared to enjoy the opportunity to talk openly about their thoughts surrounding the Museum’s Customer Service provision, and found themselves considering aspects such as funding and practical elements of making changes.

“I really enjoyed walking around the museum getting ideas we could use.”

“I learnt more about the structure of the museum, how it works and how important customer service is.”

“It’s made me want to visit the museum again to have a more detailed look around.”

Student feedback

Overall, the day was a massive success and the team nominated by our judges as having the most practical, high impact but low-cost idea were all given a 25% discount in our shop.

We will be offering this workshop as part of our programming in the Summer Term and I have it on good authority that the prize for the winning team will improve as we collect more valuable input from students around Manchester…

To find out more, get in touch: Cat Lumb 0161 306 1765

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