Myths and Monsters… live!

You may remember that, back in October, I mentioned our new ‘Myths and Monsters’ resource that we’ve been developing.

‘Myths and Monsters’ is a literacy-based self-guide resource. It was originally designed for classes who have taken part in our popular ‘Travellers and Traders’ session and would to continue the Ancient Greek theme through the rest of their visit, but has already proved popular with teachers of classes visiting for other taught sessions.

Image, Odysseus and the sirens

The resource was designed with the Literacy Framework in mind and hence it can be used to support Year 3 narrative unit 2 ‘Myths and legends’ and year 5 narrative unit 2 ‘Traditional stories, fables, myths, legends’, although we encourage teachers to use and adapt it as they need.

‘Myths and Monsters’ is now live on the resources page of our website.

2 thoughts on “Myths and Monsters… live!

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  2. Might be worth looking at the work of Adrienne Mayor, who has done some excellent research into how many mthological creatures probably stem from ancient cultures relationship to fossils. The Greeks were keen palaeontologists!

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