Opportunities for local schools and colleges

Image, The University of Manchester

We work very closely with the Widening Participation team at The University of Manchester, sharing skills and opportunities for learners.  Below is some information from a colleagues of ours, Emma Lewis, about exciting and engaging activities for Aimhigher cohorts across Greater Manchester.

The Widening Participation team at The University of Manchester is really excited about some fantastic new opportunities we are able to offer for Aimhigher learners in Greater Manchester. With 15 different activities ranging from ‘Taking Math’s Further’ to an Archaeology workshop, there really is something for everyone – and over the next five months there are plenty of activities designed to complement the curricula topics you are covering at school and to broaden your pupil’s knowledge and experience.

We are really pleased with these free activities we’re able to offer, and would like to fill the places as soon as possible. Certain dates are fixed for most events; others are to be negotiated depending on availability of schools. Activities are available mainly to Y10 and Y11, but some places for Primary learners and Y8 and Y9 Pupils are on offer. If you would like more information and an outline of all the events we have on offer, please contact Emma Lewis on emma.m.lewis@manchester.ac.uk


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