I’ve been working with Medlock Primary School’s Year 2 classes recently, mainly in the Animals and Birds galleries to help us create a new story based on the well-known children’s book The Gruffalo.

It was a lot of fun (I’m hoping we’ll be able to share some of the children’s stories later) and made all the more positive when one of the boys turned round and announced loudly:

“When I grow up, I want to work in a museum!”


3 thoughts on “Inspirational!

  1. We would just like to say what a fantastic experience we have had during our Gruffalo Project at Medlock Primary School. For three weeks, we linked Science, Literacy, Geography, Art and DT together for a cross curricular approach to learning in Year 2. This involved two trips to the museum gathering information, sketches and ideas to help to develop story writing. We worked closely with Neil Dymond-Green to plan an innovative and creative approach for learning.

    Over the three weeks we saw the children engaged and motivated in their work. The children produced Gruffalo settings, postcards from the Gruffalo forest, diaries written by the mouse and new characters for our own ‘Gontebok’ story!

    The teachers and staff were very proud of the children and it was a pleasure to make links with the museum. We are looking forward to future projects.

    Here are some snippets from Medlock Primary Year 2’s Gontebok stories

    ‘One sunny day the mouse was hopping through the forest when he met a wild cat cleaning his fluffy fur’

    ‘The Gontebok said “I hear a noise in the trees ahead. Oh it’s an eagle. Eagle, hello”. Eagle took one look at the scary Gontebok. Goodbye little brown mouse and away he flew. “Outstanding” said the Gontebok.’

    ‘A mouse took a stroll through the summer forest when he bumped into a lion resting on his rock trying to find something to eat.’

    Final thanks to Neil and the children for all their hard work.

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