Primary Science and Outreach Team visit Scotland

On 3rd March, Menaka, Vicky, Lynne and myself visited the National Museum of  Scotland in Edinburgh and spent the morning with staff from the community outreach and learning teams to find out about their education programme, and in particular, how they have been working around the Royal Museum Project.

We also visited Dynamic Earth and met up with some of their administrator and education manager, who kindly explained their programme and showed us around some of their facilities. It was really interesting to see how different sites manage, advertise and run their learning programmes.

Vicky, who works in primary outreach, had this to say;

We had a really productive visit, exchanged ideas and met some new friends at the Zoo.  Below is a picture of a King Penguin Chick, he is about 4 months old and will stay covered in his fluffy brown feathers until he’s around 10 months old and after this time he will develop a waterproof black and white coat.

Image, A King Penguin Chick at Edinburgh Zoo


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