China: Journey to fun, exciting student-led experiences

Image, Earthenware roof tile in the form of Guan Yu riding his horse. Made in north China, between 1490 and 1620. © The Trustees of the British Museum.

On Thursday 20th May Louise, Stephen Welsh (our Curator of Living Cultures) and I went to Levenshulme High School in order to meet with Alice Tasker, art teacher extraordinaire. We have agreed to collaborate on some student-led learning around our upcoming China: Journey to the East exhibition – opening 25th Sept 2010.

The basic idea is to work with a small group of Year 9 students who were lucky enough to visit China recently and spend some time at a school in Beijing. Their experience, knowledge and interpretation of China and the links to Manchester and their own lives can be explored through the project, which is kindly being funded by AimHigher.

Currently, we haven’t got a plan for the exact output of the project – as we would like this to be decided by the students themselves – however we’re hoping they might like to design some resources for other KS3 users to explore while in the exhibition. The only set part of the programme is a visit to York Art Gallery to see the exhibition in situ there, and allow the students a sneaky preview of the British Museum objects which will be installed at The Manchester Museum in the autumn term.

It’s going to be an excellent project, albeit a whirlwind of a programme given as we need to complete the activity by the end of this term! However, we intend collaborate with Levenshulme throughout the time the exhibition is here and work with them in order to create a sustainable and long-term relationship between the school and the Museum so that future students can benefit from the legacy of Levenshulme’s involvement in this project.


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