Blog posts from visiting schools

Its always great when you get a good feedback form from a teacher, you know that the pupils enjoyed themselves and that you have in some way contributed towards their learning.

Its even nicer when you come across websites or blogs where people write about their visits.  Below are a few I’ve stumbled upon the last few weeks, but if you do write a blog post or post something to your school website, please do let us know.

Here is a lovely post from Charlestown Primary School about their visit to study Egyptians. There are some super images of their trip and some of the objects they were able to handle, plus they link to some of the digitial information they have found about the topics they are working on in school.

Its not just primary schools who blog about us on their websites, here is a great post from Saint Paul’s catholic High School about their visit facilitated by Cat from the learning team.

Sometimes its not the pupils blogging, but one of the accompanying adults, like Lucy Harvey’s blog post about her recent trip the Museum with some Year 8’s to see Darwin.  The section about the trip is towards the bottom of the blog post.

Finally, here is a bit of an older post (from 2007) from The Queen’s Lower School about their visit to do Dinosaurs and one last one from The Deans Primary visit to look at Egyptians.

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