Leaving Manchester

A short while ago, I left Manchester and the Museum to start a new phase in my life heading up the Learning Team at the very new Nottingham Contemporary….

image, St James' notebooks - consultation work Feb 2010

The Museum has been the place to experience many unusual and exciting events, a place where history, learning and creativity have all come together.  Everyone will know that I came here to develop my work on creative arts education. I have been able with the help of a great team of Lead educators and Freelance Educators to see how learning for primary children in a museum working with drama, visual art and reflective debate can be a thrilling and delightful experience.

image, Exploring in the Conservation lab

image, Irit in the conservation lab

I will leave with a vast bank of great memories:

  • Of small hands waving torches at the tiger,
  • Of Year 6 boys warming up a drama session with Neil (rolling and ‘unrolling’ their shoulders)
  • Of all the many philosophical debates with teachers and conservation colleagues about nobbly museum problems – to touch objects or not to touch them
  • Of thinking about children as ‘ co-researchers’, and creating a whole new primary programme based on reflective practice and respect for child centred learning
  • Of wandering into ‘The Museum of Me’ in a school classroom full of colourful hangings and clay plaques all inspired by the children’s experience of the Museum
  • And most importantly I think of sharing ideas with my energetic and generous colleagues in the Museum. A special thanks to my lovely workmates in the  Learning Team who have been there at happy and sad times in my life to share a drink and a giggle

image, performing in the Museum Magpie Arts Festival 2009

Looking forward to seeing them and the many students, teachers and children I have worked with when they come to Nottingham!

image, St James 'Museum of Me' 2009


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