Teacher Feedback; new Nature’s Palette Session

Rebecca Jordan, a science teacher at Our Ladies Sports College brought some of her students to our very first trial session of ‘Nature’s Pallete: Pigments, Paradise and photosynthesis.’  Here’s what she thought of our the brand new addition to our secondary science programme:

I brought a group of year 8 pupils to the new Natures Palettes session at The Manchester Museum on Tuesday 25th May and it was definitely an enjoyable day for all.
It was an ideal workshop as at the minute the pupils in year 8 are covering a topic on light and colour as part of their scheme of work. They were able to relate what they were learning in class to the content of the workshop. There were lots of excellent interactive activities for the pupils to take part in and they loved the activity where they had to walk around the museum and look at how colour affected different species in terms of camouflage, relationships, survival etc. 
The pupils were also lucky enough as well to experience being up-close to snakes, frogs and many different reptiles, they thoroughly enjoyed this and it really brought even the quieter more reserved pupil to life and many said it was an experience they would never forget as they had never seen these animals before. They could not stop talking about this even when they came into school the next day.
The practical session was brilliant and the pupils got to handle equipment they would never get the opportunity to at school.
The pupils gained many skills at this workshop, from practical skills, to being more open in a group environment, and it was so good to see the pupils happy and smiling when some of them had had a negative attitude towards science before this workshop.
I am looking forward to attending more workshops in the future.
Many thanks Alexa, you were fab!

Some photos from the workshop can be viewed below:


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