The last post

This will be my final message on the learning blog because after five years as Head of Learning & Interpretation I’m moving on at the end of this week to a new role as Head of Learning & Access at Imperial War Museum North. It’s going to be very different but I’m looking forward to new challenges. I know they say change is as good as a rest but I doubt I’ll be able to put my feet up!

Working in the Manchester Museum has been a fantastic adventure and I’ve learned a huge amount from colleagues at all levels in the organisation. I’ve seen the team grow and develop into a highly professional group of creative collaborators. The programme has evolved to meet the changing needs of learners and the schools and colleges that support them. Learning has become embedded in the thinking and practice of colleagues in all areas of museum work and we have built lasting relationships with teachers and learners, from under-5s to postgraduate students.

I’m proud to have been part of all that and I’m sure that the Manchester Museum and Whitworth Art Gallery will continue to play a key role as a gateway to the university and a focus for community engagement. I’m going to be following the learning blog with interest – maybe I’ll even post a comment or two.

I wish all my colleagues the very best of luck with whatever the future brings. It’s been a pleasure and a privilege working with you.


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