Darwin Exhibition Artwork Lives On

For anyone that came to see our recent temporary exhibition, Charles Darwin; evolution of a scientist, you will remember the beautiful eye-catching graphic panels that depicted Darwin life.  This artwork by the artist Chrissie Morgan was  as integral part of the exhibition and really brought the amazing objects to life.  But what happens to the panels once the exhibition had been taken down? 

The teachers of Holy Cross College in Bury were really struck by the artwork when then came to visit the exhibition with their students and they asked me whether they would be able to have them to brighten up the corridors of the biology department once the exhibition was finished.  I asked them to get back in touch once the exhibition had finished and i would see what i can do.  Sure enough they did!  At the beginning of October, the college arranged to pick up the huge panels (in the college minibus!) and they have been recently put up in their biology department.  They were lucky enough to recieve the panels showing Darwin vogage on the Beagle and the wonderful landscapes and animals he encountered on his journey.  Have a look at the pictures below, and see for yourself how great they look in the college corridors.  A tribute and lasting legacy to the exhibition.

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