Blogs ‘R’ Us!

Recently, you may have noticed a couple of small changes. In order to make the most of the diverse activities and learning offers across two of the Cultural Assests of the University of Manchester we have split the blog according to venue. 

So, you can stick with us here to find out about everything at The Manchester Museum, and you can follow our colleagues at The Whitworth Art Gallery on their own blog!

Needless to say, we still appreciate all your comments and input and whatever your needs we’d be happy to help!


3 thoughts on “Blogs ‘R’ Us!

  1. In the centre of the Manchester Museum’s Manchester Gallery stands the skeleton of Maharajah, an Asian elephant who became a popular performer at the Belle Vue Zoo in Gorton, Manchester. However, the skeleton is not complete. The ends of both of Maharajah’s tusks have been sawn off. There are a number of reasons for why this may have been done. One is that Maharajah accidentally caught his tusks in some railings at the zoo. Another is that as he grew older he became bad tempered and so the tusks were removed for safety. The ends of his tusks are now a part of the museum’s handling objects.

    To hear more stories about Maharajah, why don’t you pay him a visit at the Manchester Museum?

    Come and tell us what you think!

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