New term excitement

Image, heads down - planning how to display things in the museum

Pens, paper and lesson plans at the ready: the new school year is upon us! And how quickly the summer seems to have whizzed by. We’ve been busy here at The Museum reviewing our entire learning programme and working on new ideas to revamp some of the old favourites whilst also racking our brains for brand new workshop topics and activties. In addition we’re also immensely excited about the upcoming opening of the new Unearthed: Ancient Egypt temporary exhibition, which is going to be a fantastic interactive space encouraging visitors to explore Egyptology and Archaeology with our very own Dr. Digby (Terry Deary): What more could you ask for?

Our new programming is now up on the website, and we will be updating this throughout September with lots more information and resources for teachers as we build up to the opening of Unearthed at the end of the month. In the meantime why not see if you can bring our collection into your classroom via the Museum of Mystery?



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