Planet Dinosaur

From 1st to 9th October, a herd of 6 spinosaurus’ took residence in our Living Worlds gallery as part of the BBC’s Planet Dinosaur tour.  To make the most of this opportunity, we developed an associated workshop for KS3 students which over 175 students took part in last week. 

The Curator of Earth Sciences, David Gelsthorpe and myself devised two additional workshops which complement the BBC’s ‘Build their own spinosaurus’ activity that utilised parts of our palaeontology collection.  In the workshop, students became paleontologists and investigated real fossils deciding out of 6 different specimens which one was a real dinosaur egg and which one was a real dinosaur bone.  In addition, students measured and analysed a trackway of dinosaur footprints to figure out what it told us about dinosaur behavior.  This workshop enabled students to get hands on with the fantastic objects from our collection and find out more about the research work that paleontologists do within the university. 

Since the spinosaurus are no longer with us, they have continued on their journey round the country up to Newcastle, we are going to continue to offer the Dinosaur Footprint and Paleontology skills making a 1 hour investigative dinosaur based workshop.  Please get in touch if you would like to book it.


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