Matthew Moss: What is Archaeology?

Recently, Bryan Sitch, our wonderful Curator of Archaeology visited Matthew Moss High School as part of an ‘Archaeology Day’ they had planned. He provided some of their Year 8 students with a talk on ‘What is Archaeology’ in order to inspire and inform them on this fascinating subject. He took along some basic finds from our collection and engaged the students in exploring what they thing archaeology is and how it is a destructive, but potentially very informative, process. According to the teachers, this really helped in increasing students’ understanding of the subject.

We;re really lucky that we have great curators who work with us in the Learning Team to make our programme successful and although we  don’t currently offer Outreach Curator talks on a regular basis, sometimes we can organise the occasional visit here and there on special request. If this is something you might be interested in, please contact me:

One thought on “Matthew Moss: What is Archaeology?

  1. What fantastic project this is! It has ignited an enthusiasm for archaeology in our students. The team from the museum made it all happen. Thanks to: Lauren McGhee, Sam Sportun, Velson Horrie and Cat Lumb. Special thanks to Bryan Sitch.
    We can now build on this project and sustain our students new found interest in archaeology.
    The trip to Manchester Museum was enjoyed by pupils and staff alike.

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