Big Saturday Family Events at The Manchester Museum!

The Big Saturday Family events happen once a month here at The Manchester Museum with each event having a different focus; this year has seen events taking place focusing on Froglife, Ancient Egypt, Autumn on the allotment and Chocolate! Most activities are drop-in and are free, depending on the activity some may need to be booked on the day and may cost up to £1:50. A more recent addition to the Big Saturday events is a sensory and exploratory area especially for babies and children aged 0-5 and their adults and families. The following images show how much fun everyone  had at the Ancient Egypt event.

Fun with Pyramids!


Creating our Egyptian landscapes of Pyramids and the River Nile!


Team work!

There were lots of other activities for 0-5s  and their families on the day including treasure baskets and light box play. 
Look out for the Big Saturday events taking place in  2012 on the following dates:
28 January : Bug art
25 February : Manchester
10 March: Jurassic climate change 



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