The Colour of Nature – Real World Science Shared National Project

The Secondary and Post-16 Science programme at The Manchester Museum is part of the Real World Science (RWS) partnership with 4 other museums nationwide, including the Natural History Museum. The RWS partnership aims to develop and deliver engaging learning activities for secondary students that enrich and extend the science curriculum. 

Over the past year, we have been developing a workshop for KS3 that will run across all 5 venues, forming a Shared National Project (SNP).  The inspiration for the SNP came from our very own Nature’s Palette session.  ‘The Colour of Nature’ is a one hour workshop that aims to marry appropriate physics and biology content for KS3 students looking at colour in the natural world.  It focuses on the properties of light and the physical nature of ‘colour’ and then the huge variety of adaptations associated with colouration of organisms.  It is a specimen rich, hands-on workshop that encourages students to use their own observations as evidence to form conclusions and uses video case studies of different scientists to provide interesting examples of science at work in a career context.  You can see the video of our Curator of Herpetology Andrew Gray below which is used in the workshop:

The session is in the final trial stages and will be a permanent addition to our programme from Easter, complementing the existing Nature’s Palette session.  If you would like to book The Colour of Nature for your students, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me here.

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