Manchester Histories Festival: 24th Feb – 4th March

Between the 24th February and 3rd March we joined in the celebrations for the Manchester Histories Festival 2012. In the Museum’s Learning Team we were invovled in a couple of activites and events that had Manchester History at the centre of them.

Firstly, The Museum had a stall during the celebration day at the Town Hall on the 3rd March – which included a photography exhibition created by some Post-16 students from Tameside and Hyde-Clarendon Colleges based on objects in our collection that they believed represented aspects of Manchester’s diverse history. The eighteen students worked really hard, with only fifteen contact hours with the Museum’s collection and one another in order to research, choose objects, take photographs and write labels and an introduction panel in order to create their final exhibition which looked amazingly professional on the day. Some of the students also attended the Saturday event to help engage the public in their exhibition.

The Museum also hosted some Manchester History focused workshops in collaboration with the University of Manchester’s Widening Participation Department and the Whitworth Art Gallery on the 5th and 6th March. In these, the Whitworth and the Museum’s collection were used to highlight an awareness of the links they have with Manchester as a city and what they can tell us about Manchester over the years.

The formal educational activities were a huge success, although they were only a small contribution to creating a magnificent Manchester Hisitories Festival involving a number of events and activities happening across Manchester at various institutions and organisations. It was great to see so many orgnaisations coming together to celebrate such an important subject; so much so, we’re already looking forward to the next one in 2014!

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