Enriching Experiences

On Monday 26th March The Manchester Museum hosted a fun-tastic Enrichment day for Kearsley Academy students. These days are intended to challenge students, build on their skills and intoduce them to the fascinating  topics and possibilities that cultural instituions like The Manchester Museum can offer.

As part of their Enrichment Day experience Key Stage 3 and 4 students took part in a carousel of workshops that included:

  • Minerals and Me – An interactive activity investigating our use of minerals in everyday life.
  • Living Worlds Performance – In partnership with the University of Manchester. Interact with a Theatre Studies student as she presents a short piece on our relationship to nature.
  • Money Game – A fast-paced game in which teams race against the clock to discover facts about currency.
  • Creative Thinking –  Create masks for significant events like the Olympics and the Queen’s Jubilee, using our Living Cultures Gallery as inspiration.

The day started at 10am and time sped by to the conclusion at 2.30pm. Students and teachers alike enjoyed the day, and we received some excellent feedback:

“It was a fun and educational day out with school!” – Student

“I enjoyed the visit. I learnt a lot of different information which I did not know and there were a lot of fascinating things to look at” – Student

“I like museums now and think they are interesting” – Student

“I now don’t think that history or modern facts are boring” – Student

“Throughout the Day the Educational package was great and the amount of time allocated each workshop was enough to keep the pupils on task” – Teacher

We’ll be offering more Enrichment Days throughout the Summer Term, so keep up to date with our offer through the website.


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