Cells, Senses and C.Elegans and GCSE Body Experience – collaboration with undergraduate students from FLS

Students finding out about the digestive systemBack in March, we hosted two special days aimed at KS4 and A-Level students.  We had been working  closely with 3rd year undergraduate students from Faculty of Life Sciences from University of Manchester who had been developing activities to be delivered in the museum during these bespoke events. 

The first one, on 9th March was entitled ‘GCSE Body Experience’ where 80 students from St Peters RC School, West Hill School, Rydal Penrhos School and St James RC School attended  The students took part in workshops exploring different parts of the body, from eyes and ears to gut and immune system.  Some comments from teachers that attended are below:

“Well researched, well presented in a logical progression.  Challenged students and extended them. Students were engaged and on board”                      Teacher, Rydal Penrhos.

The A-Level event ‘Cells, Senses and C.Elegans’ was a couple of weeks later on 22nd March. 85 students came along from Holy Cross College, Cardinal Newman College and Sedburgh School.  The workshops included topics such as HIV, embryonic development, C.elegans and oogenesis.   Some teacher comments about the event are below:

“The students were fully engaged and could relate to a lot of the content as well as gain further insight into the subject”     Teacher, Cardinal Newman College

“Excellent materials and presentation. A totally new topic which made my students think!”    Teacher, Sedburgh School

James, one of the undergrads involved gives his thoughts below:

“My initial thought was that the museum would be an easier choice, until I realised I would have to interact with GCSE and A-Level pupils which I haven’t done since I was one of them! It became daunting very quickly but after working with the museum staff and developing a resource which I was confident in, my jitters subsided…slightly. Each group and especially each year group was very different and it required lots of on the spot thinking – something which became easier the more time I did the activities. From the responses I got, the students had a great time, not just at my session but at all the sessions. I learnt a lot about myself and about how to overcome obstacles, and ended up with sessions that I am proud of!”       James Topham, 3rd Year undergraduate at The University of Manchester

Overall, it was a really successful event in which both the students delivering the activities and students attending both really enjoyed the events.   We will be running these days again next year, so look out for them being advertised if you are interested in bringing your students to this unique day.

Some pictures of the events are in the gallery below:


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